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Bill Pay FAQs

What number should I call if I need help with Bill Pay?

If you require assistance we encourage you to call the toll free support line at 866-805-4495.

How does Bill Pay service work?

With Chartway’s Bill Pay service, you’ll never have to buy another stamp to mail your bills. You can pay an unlimited number of bills online to anyone you wish with Bill Pay. It sure beats all the trouble of sending checks through the mail. Enjoy the following benefits:

  • Access to pay your bills 24 hours a day
  • No stamps or envelopes
  • Make multiple bill payments at one time
  • Set up recurring bill payments (monthly, weekly, etc.)
  • Use Bill Pay for bank-to-bank transfers

Can I change payment or payee information?

Once a payee has been matched to an existing entry by the Bill Pay service, the remittance address will be locked from edits. Usually this will indicate that future payments to the payee will be sent electronically. Should you still want to alter the payee information on these locked entries, the payee will have to be deleted and reentered as a new entry. Payees entered as "Individual" or unmatched by the Bill Pay service may be edited as needed.

How much does the service cost?

Our Online Bill Pay service is FREE for all members.

Can I select electronic or check payments for my payees?

No, business payees will automatically be designated as electronic or check based on their entry in Bill Pay and the payee's ability to receive funds electronically (currently over 70% are electronic). You can enter (if known) the routing and account number for an individual and funds can be sent to them by ACH transfer, as well.

How far in advance should payments be scheduled?

When scheduling a payment, you are required to enter or select from the calendar a "Process Date". You must verify that the "Estimated Arrival Date" is on or before your due date on your statement to make sure payment is received on time.

Can I edit a recurring payment?

Yes, there is an edit feature available on all recurring payments. Log in to Online Banking and go to Bill Pay and then "Payments" and then click "Recurring Payments". Look for the listing of payees on the left hand side of the page and select the payee you wish to edit. Then follow the prompts to edit the payment series.

What happens if I don’t have funds to cover a requested payment?

You will be charged the standard NSF fee for each payment attempt that fails due to NSF.  If your payment is unsuccessful due to non-sufficient funds, you will receive email notification and will be required to reschedule the payment when sufficient funds are available in your account.

How do I know if my payment was sent or received?

By going to "Payments" and then "Payment History" on the top navigation located within Bill Pay. You must fill out the parameters in the payment search box on the left to locate the payment, then you will be able to view the "Sent On" date along with the status of the payment.

What do I do if my payment isn't received?

Go to "Payments" and then "Payment History" on the top navigation located within Bill Pay. You must fill out the parameters in the payment search box on the left to locate the payment, then you will be able to view the "Sent On" date along with the status of the payment. Once you find the payment you are looking for, you must verify the "Estimated Arrival Date". 
If after this date you have verified with the payee that they have not received the payment, please let us know. we will research and track the payment to determine if the item should be stopped or if the item has been cashed and posted incorrectly. If the item has been presented and cashed, we can provide you with the check copies or copies of the electronic transfers to provide to the merchant as verification of payment.

Can I stop a sent bill payment?

If the payment was sent via check and has not been cashed, you can request a stop and refund. A stop payment request is subject to a fee and it will take two to three business days for the account to be credited. Payments that have been issued electronically cannot be stopped once issued.

Who can I pay with the service?

With Chartway’s Bill Pay service, you can pay anyone you choose. Simply enter their information as a payee. In addition, you can make a payment to a business or individual directly to the receiving account number at their financial institution. To have these funds sent electronically, you must have the routing number and account number of your payee's financial institution. Please note that the Bill Pay service can only send funds electronically in this manner to another financial institution in the United States.

I no longer want to subscribe to Bill Pay. How do I cancel?

You can call our Contact Center to speak directly with a representative. You can also use the "Contact Us" link in Online Banking to send a notice to us that you wish to cancel the service.

I cancelled Bill Pay. What happens to the payments I had scheduled?

Any pending payments will not be made once the Bill Pay feature is cancelled on your account.

I cancelled Bill Pay. How do I reenroll?

If you would like to reactivate the Bill Pay service, simply log on to online banking and select the Bill Pay tab.

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